How to Find Distressed Seller Leads With Google Ads

How to Find Distressed Home Seller Leads (2)

Did you know there are thousands of motivated sellers searching online for solutions every day? If you’re looking to find distressed seller leads, then being found when these searches occur is important.

Read below to discover how to find distressed seller leads with Google Ads.

Google Search Ads

This is my favorite way to generate distressed seller leads; the reason – search intent! As previously mentioned, motivated sellers are searching Google for quick sale solutions.

They’re searching keywords such as: “cash home buyers near me,” “can I sell my home in foreclosure,” “quick sale my home” and more. Wouldn’t you like your business to be found for searches like this?

These leads can be very high quality as their search query alone qualifies them to some extent of having the need to sell their property quickly, and often find a way out of a jam.

Creating and running a well optimized Google Search Ad campaign is a fast, and perfect way to get in front of these prospects. This being said, there are things to consider in order to have a successful Google Ads campaign for distressed seller lead generation.

Search Volume: It’s true, searches mentioned above occur in nearly every market, however, they occur more frequently in larger markets.

Be sure to check how much search volume there is in your market for these types of keywords. In large cities such as San Antonio, Atlanta etc., you can rest assured knowing there is plenty of traffic to make for a successful lead generation campaign. But, in smaller markets, there simply aren’t a ton of searches going on. This means that you can’t expect a landslide of leads from this source. But, being in a smaller market doesn’t mean you can’t find success from Google, it simply means you’ll need more than just a Google Search Ads campaign, more on that below.

In larger markets though, you can CRUSH it!

Budget: Providing your in a large enough market where there are plenty of searches happening, you’ll need to make sure that you have sufficient budget for the campaign.

Generating distressed seller leads online is often very competitive, not to mention it works great with the ability to achieve a great ROI; because of this the cost-per-click can average around $25 in many markets. Simple math will tell you a $33/day budget will not be enough budget when clicks cost $25. Don’t worry, you can still be successful, you’ll just need to make sure you have a large enough daily/monthly budget to generate enough clicks to convert to hot leads and deals.

Time: Although your ad can quickly begin showing for searches, it will take 90 days or so for your campaign to ramp-up and have enough data to make smart optimizations. Your cost-per-lead will be higher and your lead volume will be lower the first couple months of a new campaign.

Be sure to give your campaign at least 3 months when measuring campaign performance. On the same token, we suggest running the campaign for at least 6 months before you can expect to begin seeing a positive return on your investment. As long as your getting fresh leads each month, closing deals should always be around the corner, as well as a great ROI!

Google Display Ads

Display ads can be a great way to drive quality traffic in a cost effective way. Display ad clicks are typically MUCH less expensive when compared to a Search campaign. The conversion rate is lower, but still a great value.

Be sure to take advantage of Google’s robust targeting options like In-Market Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences and keywords. There are a few gems such as an In-Market audience for those who are in the market to sell their property.

Display ads can be used to supplement your Search strategy so you have multiple campaign options to generate quality distressed seller leads.


As you may assume, not every click will convert into a lead. For this reason, adding remarketing to your campaign strategy is recommended.

An RLSA campaign is essentially a search remarketing campaign. It’s a great way to re-target those who previously searched and are still searching for solutions. Clicks are often MUCH lower and conversion rate can be strong. Volume will be lower as it’s still only a remarketing campaign, but still a necessary component of a strong digital campaign.


Don’t stop with RLSA, deploy display remarketing as well. It is a great way to not only remarket to potential sellers, but it’s also great for branding. Prospects can see your banners as you search online, and you’re only charged when they click. Meaning you get great branding and cheap cost-per-clicks… WIN!

Landing Pages

Sending paid traffic to your website isn’t necessarily a terrible idea (depending on what your website looks like), BUT, using dedicated landing pages can often convert better. Higher conversion rate means MORE LEADS for the same advertising budget!

Be sure to use best practices such as removing site navigation and adding trust factors such as BBB logos and testimonials.

Follow this article and you’ll be on your way to generating more quality distressed seller leads on a consistent basis, which are a great way to fuel future deals and grow your business.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to manage your own campaigns, learn more about how leadstream can help you build and manage a successful Google Ads campaign for distressed seller lead generation.

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